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Melodičtí smrtonoši Dismember míří do Prahy - musicserver.cz

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Dismember - Album Like An Ever Flowing Stream
Dismember - Album Like An Ever Flowing Stream



Rok vzniku: 1991
Pesničku videlo 2353 návštevníkov.

Kvalita textu : bez hodnotenia
Hodnotilo ľudí: 0 ohodnoť aj ty
  *** Autor textu: Matti Karki *** Autor hudby: Dismember
Like An Ever Flowing Stream (1991)

1. Override Of The Overture

Override the overture
Behold the overwhelming power
Trampled and [******] mangled
By the hordes of terror

The process of death is our fate to be
From the skies blood drips like rain
Tell me how I suffer, tell me how I'll die
My arms stretched out in eternal pain

The life that we knew drowned in the stream of death
The agony within tears my worthless being

By the blasphemous horror inside
Enter a world
Beyond this [fu*king] global tomb

By the visions of things past and gone
My death arrives
My fate to be it must be done

Laid to rest
Shut my eyes
Live no more
Die a countless times

To the burial ground
Our flesh are bound
Our souls will live on
With the powers beyond

At the end
I'm still so cold inside
Once again
I would like to share my memories of life

Show me
The realm where nothing dies
If such a place exists
Please guide my eyes

2. Soon To Be Dead

Agonized terrified horrified
Emotions brutalized
Crucified nailed to the cross
With spikes through my hands
I shall die upon this cross
All by myself
Salvations lost
Soon to be dead

Consider me as another victim
Of their plans
But my choice
Is not your [fu*king] jesus christ
Now I'm dead alone and
Rotting on this cross
But I'll be back

Hell is what I want
Hell is what I get
In the fires I'll burn
But there's nothing I'll regret

Hell awaits me
My soul is raped
I will get them I will kill them
At the end of time
As long they are free
Preaching their shit
I'll never find peace

3. Bleed For Me

Slowly slicing your body
Wondering what's inside
A psychopath addicted to flesh
Now I'm taking your life

Hacking through your organs
Constantly watching your eyes
I gotta see in your mind
What happens when you die

Bleed for me
Let me see you suffer
Die for me
I love to hear you scream

Dreaming of a death so violent
Sanity is Draining from me
I'm forced to murder and slaughter
By the visions inside my head

Laughing as you die
Please make me stop

If blood is what it takes
I'll just let it flow

(Bleed for me
Let me see you suffer
Die for me
I love to hear you scream)

4. And So Is Life

Bitter bloodstained tears
Filling my saddened eyes
From personal fears
And all once told lies

The anger inside
Waiting for tomorrow
Sinful suicide
Wrapped in the cause of sorrow

At the fiery gates
With hate I resign
Though I'll be forever more
Even the dead can die
Marching on and on
Experience the dismal fate
Through the hellish scorn
Gather beyond the gates

Reality now slips away
Death is the only way
The moonlight is my blanket
And my bed is a grave
Life ends so sadly
With tears pain and grief
All my loved ones gone
And I'm rotting with belief

And so is life
At it's end
Never to be
More again
Entered it all
With belief
A [fu*king] life
I never lived

I end my life
I [fu*king] kill myself
Accept this death
With open arms
A piercin' pain
When I cut it all
From life to death
I breathe my last breath

(And so is life
At it's end
Never to be
More again
And so is life)

5. Dismembered

Brutal orgy of flesh
A carnal feast for our lord
Feel your life float away
As I revel in your blood

Maggots crawl in your flesh
Your life is ending here
Terribly maiming your corpse
Rotting pieces here and there

The loss of your life is now a fact
Dead, eternal hell, awaits
Rotting soul now dies

Innocent soul dismembered
A trophy to our lord
Enter the dark regions
And suffer a thousands deaths

You pray for eternal life
But your cries are denied
As you pray to your God
I spit on your grave

Slaughter remains
Enter my ways
Descend to hell
llewd yllanrete ll'eW

(Suffer a thousand deaths)

Like the rest you all will die
Cast into the pits of hell

(The loss of your life is now a fact
Dead, eternal hell, awaits
Rotting soul now dies)

6. Skin Her Alive

Haunted by my conscious
Living my life in hell
Didn't (fu*king) hesitate
When I moved in for the kill

Screams echoed in the distance
And I cannot ignore
Smiling at the memories
When I slaughtered the whore

Skin here alive

Time has come to confess
I did it for the thrill
I had never [sings: "would never had"] dreamt of
That it would be so nice to kill

Blood colours my thoughts
Slipping out of time
Murder is my crime
Skin here (fu*king) alive

7. Sickening Art

Twisted thoughts in a shape of death
Blood is staining on my hands
Deranged mind, rotting soul
Homicidal need leads my way

Warped lust, sickly obsessed
Prepare yourself for the end
Blood spurts from the wounds
As I hack my way through your skull

Crunching bones, screams of pain
Violent death after hours of torture
Bloody corpse put away
A garden party on festering human remains

Stewing limbs in the fridge

Severe dismemberment
Psychotic ecstasy
Frenzied disembowelment
A end to your misery

Piles of flesh
Is all that's left
Suffer now
A grotesque death

(Severe dismemberment
Psychotic ecstasy
Frenzied disembowelment
A end to your misery)

8. In Death's Sleep

From dream to dream we have always been
Like an ever flowing stream

As I become one with the earth
By soul has passed the rebirth
In this world I leave my flesh to rot
No regrets, this is my lot

Ashes to ashes
Dust to death

Dark recollections of my past life
Memories haunt me in black'n white
Divine death now descends
Burning as my existence ends

In death I will sleep
Floating deep
From dying heaven
To living hell

A travel through ancient times
Witness only what the dead shall see
Walk among the dead
As my body's still on my death bed

(In death I will sleep
Floating deep
From dying heaven
To living hell)

9. Deathevocation

10. Defective Decay

11. Torn Apart

12. Justifiable Homicide

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